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Career-Life Times, Issue #67-- What Do You Want?
April 27, 2010

Issue No. 67 -- April 27, 2010

What Do You Want?
(I really want to know)

This issue is not going to be my typical content-filled newsletter. My intent this time is a bit twisted -- I want to RECEIVE information instead of GIVE it to you.

This newsletter and my career strategies blog are read by thousands of people.

Yet only a handful of readers provide feedback or leave comments.

I understand: most of us are very busy, or we don't feel compelled to share our opinion.

But today I am going to ask you to do something: Tell me what you want. It would mean a lot to me.

I promise it won't hurt, it won't be difficult, and it won't cost you anything (except a few minutes of your time).

Please click below because I REALLY want to hear from you...

Thank you very much!


P.S. I read all your comments and it is really important that I hear from you. Would you please visit my blog and respond?

If you'd rather respond via email, here's my address:

Please forward this to your friends!


P.P.S. To prevent your email service provider's spam filter from interrupting delivery or this newsletter to your email inbox, please add to your address book or "safe list."


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