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This disclosure statement explains my relationship (that of to my advertisers and how I receive compensation. is an informational website provided as a service to my readers. I write most of the content for the site without compensation.  I occasionally engage writers to assist in the preparation of content.

However, I receive compensation on a fee-for-services basis for consulting, resume writing services, and the sale of the ebooks that I advertise on this website.   I also sell several of my own products and the products of some of affiliates through Clickbank and Commission Junction.

In addition, I may receive compensation from the following source(s):

Affiliate or Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I may receive a small commission when you click a link - or - follow a link or banner ad then purchase a product from the merchant. These commissions help defray the operating costs of this website so I can continue to provide information free-of-charge to you.

I currently participate in the following affiliate or pay-per-click programs (live links are my affiliate links):

Google AdSense - ads are marked Ads by Google

I use Solo Build It! to build and maintain I love Solo Build It!, so you may see Solo Build It! banners on various pages of my site. I cannot recommend this program highly enough (it's so much more than a web host).

Note: I am not affiliated with or an employee of any software companies, including Microsoft. I use various software packages in the development and operation of this site.  However, I do not receive compensation of any kind from  software manufacturers for the contents of this website, nor do I ever anticipate receiving compensation from them.

I do not write reviews for the purpose of receiving payment. Occasionally, I receive free products to test. Sometimes, I purchase products to test. If I like the product, I may choose to write a review for the benefit of my readers. If I receive a product for free and write a review about it, I disclose that I received the product for free on the page where I have the review. I may also join the manufacturer's affiliate program and offer the product for sale along with the review, in which case the affiliate links are marked as advertising.

If you have questions about my advertising policies, please contact me.

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