The Job Interview
17 Surefire Ways
to Annoy Potential Employers

You can't take any chances in your next job interview. There are more job seekers than job openings, so do NOT make things harder on yourself by doing any of the things on this list! Never, ever do these!

Do not:

  1. Apply for jobs for which you are not qualified.
  2. Send a generic cover letter that doesn't identify the position you're interested in, or match your qualifications to the job.
  3. Put a useless, seen-it-a-million-times Objective on your resume that says you want a "challenging opportunity with a sucessful company where I can utilize my knowledge, experience and skills to our mutual advantage."
  4. Make your resume a list of past duties instead of accomplishments.
  5. Lie, brag or exaggerate about ANYTHING.
  6. Keep making repetitive "notice-me" calls to ask if your resume was received.
  7. Fail to respond quickly to messages left on your answering machine or voicemail.
  8. Expect the employer to schedule your phone-screening interview after normal business hours.
  9. Refuse to give your salary requirements when requested prior to the interview.
  10. Fail to research the company prior to the interview.
  11. Arrive at the interview late.
  12. Be rude to the receptionist.
  13. Put "See attached resume" instead of filling out the application completely.
  14. Be unprepared at the interview.
  15. Ask "What's in it for ME?" type questions at the interview.
  16. Fail to send a thank-you letter after the interview.
  17. Call to ask about the status of the position days before when you were told they'd make a decision.

You have to be willing to do some legwork, pay attention to details, and make an extra effort if you want to get a job. Just remember that there are a lot of other job candidates out there doing their dead-level best to get the same job you want. If you don't put out as much effort as they do, they will be getting the job offer, not you.

Give it your best effort.

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