How to Dress at Work:
"Oh Dear, What to Wear?"

Are you worried about how you dress at work? Do you want to be taken seriously? Everyone knows you have to dress professionally at work (and in a job interview), but "how" professional is often a cause for concern.

For men, dressing for the office is pretty simple: nice shirt, dress slacks, and sometimes a tie and jacket.

If you're a woman, there considerably more options for dressing for the office. Unfortunately, some women have not learned that others often do not take them seriously if they dress like they are getting ready for an evening out, instead of a day at the office!

Here are some guidelines for women to following, according to and business etiquette expert Susan RoAne:

  • Skirts. A good rule of thumb is that skirt lengths should be no more than one handwidth above the knee.

  • Tops. Don't wear tops that are too tight or revealing. Don't wear anything see-through. Wear a bra (and keep the straps hidden).

  • Dresses. Halter-top dresses are a no-no. And don't wear a dress that is a cleavage revealer. Follow the same length rule as skirts for dresses. Nothing too snug here, either.

  • Pants. Don't wear your pants too tight.

  • Shoes. Don't go any higher than 2-inch heels. Nothing too wild for the office.

  • Hair. Keep your hair neat and out of your face.

  • Makeup. Maintain a clean and natural look. More is not necessarily better!

RoAne says to remember that you want people to remember your business skills--not your clothes.

Whether at work or in a job interview, your office attire says a lot about you. Do you take the job seriously? Are you dressing in a way that makes those in positions higher than you want to promote you?

You've heard the saying "clothes make the man". Well, there is some truth to that. There's no question that you can work in a pair of shorts, but you'll make a better impression (and often you will work harder) if you are in professional attire.

Consider this: If you show up at work in a shirt that needs ironing and a pair of khakis that have a stain on them, what does that say about your respect for the job - or your boss? Dressing appropriately means you are showing courtesy to your supervisor, the company, and to your own job.