Free Help Resume Writing

Would you like to have some free help resume writing? You have to create an excellent resume if you want to get a great job. There are so many job candidates vying for the same position that you want. You have to ensure your credentials are presented to employers in a way that reveals your ability to at least meet their expectations - and hopefully even exceed them.

When you realize how many resumes employers have to sift through, you begin to appreciate how excited they get when someone sends them a well-written job resume. It's your job to get the employer excited about YOUR employment resume.

Review these awesome resume tips and make sure your resume is the hiring manager's dream resume.

Tips on writing a resume:

Do not think simply in terms of duties and responsibilities. You must also demonstrate accomplishments from your job history.

Choose items from your work experience which show the employer that you can handle the tasks associated with the job for which you are applying. If your work experience is limited, include volunteer work, part-time jobs, and/or positions you have held in organizations (such as non-profits or college groups).

Be consistent in your use of tense-specific statements (i.e. prepared, designed, and created).

You want a resume that is bold and stands out, but not so much that it makes the hiring manager wary. Be professional and conservative in your approach. Too much good stuff may show that you are over-qualified for the position - OR - signal to the resume screener that you might be lying.

You want to use active language. Bolster your resume with action verbs to show the employer that you are achievement-oriented and that you take initiative. Employers are looking for people who can get the job done with as little training and as little oversight as necessary. Describe how you are able to get the job done.

Avoid being wordy.

The length of your resume is important. Resumes should be no more than 2 pages long. Hiring managers do not have the time to spend reading anything longer than that. Also, don't go beyond the past 10 years unless you have a good reason for doing so, such as a career change to something you did previously or some valuable work experience that clearly relates to the position you are seeking.

The overall appearance of your resume is can make a big difference. Keep everything aligned neatly and allow some room for white space. Hiring managers have to read a lot of resumes and their eyes get tired, too. Be consistent and ensure your layout flows nicely.

Use high-quality paper.

Use a high quality printer to generate copies of your resume.

Do not use wild colors, cute graphics, or odd colored paper. Nothing will rule you out faster than not adhering to the norms of resume writing.

Proofread everything, even your contact information. It would be a shame to have a great resume and a typo in your phone number.

If you want a hiring manager to take more than 30 seconds to review your resume, you have to be willing to put in enough time creating it to make it a worthwhile read. When you follow the resume tips listed above, you will stand a much better chance of creating a resume that gets read from top to bottom. More importantly, you are more likely to get a call for an interview.

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You Can Create Your Own Professional Resume

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