Fun and Easy Home Businesses
to Make Money Fast
Both Online and Offline

Interested in earning decent money while working from home? Check out this helpful article by guest author Siriol Jameson!

Who wants to make money by the boatloads, while working less? If that sounds like you, perhaps it is time to consider a few fun and easy home businesses to make money fast - both online and offline.

Often, small business or home business owners find themselves slaving in an office. It is just like the old job they used to have - only worse. This time, they are on their own, with no steady paycheck in sight.

What we need is a home based business that brings in more money than a job - while giving us more free time. One way of doing this is to get away from products that require suppliers, storage, insurance, and shipping.

Stay tuned, now, while we look at some great home based businesses that fit the bill. You may be surprised at what they are.

School Placement Consultant - In this business, you deal with private schools and with parents. You are paid by parents. Parents want their children to attend a distinguished private school that has a high percentage of graduates who go on to an ivy league school. The ultimate goal is a good education and job. You should have a profile of both the school and the prospective student. Try to furnish the parents 3 or 4 school choices.

Personal Assistant - This is another high-profit home based business that can give you a lot of pleasure. You can easily make a 6-figure income with just 2 to 3 clients. As a personal assistant, you take care of your clients' business. You pay bills, keep the books, set appointments, send in quarterly taxes, and organize files. Your job may include contacting your client's attorney, CPA, attorney, and doctor. Usually, you work 3 to 4 hours a day for about 3 days a week.

Image Consultant - An image consultant helps clients reach their goal of appearing their all time best. They may want to shine like a movie star, dress like a model, or just look dangerously attractive. Some clients are competing for a high-paying job and need that "corporate look." Others may be in public speaking and need to brush up their appearance, their poise, and their speech. Many are foreign business people who need to feel "at home" in the American corporate culture.

Wealth Coach - Wealth coaches are in demand these days. The idea is to help clients build wealth by getting out of debt. A wealth coach listens carefully to the client's goals and works together with him or her on a practical written plan. The coach usually has a long-term commitment with the client and a contract. The client is urged to save or invest more while at the same time, spending less. A common goal for the client is to improve his or her credit score. This enables the client to buy a home instead of renting and to buy a car rather than leasing one.

In these home based businesses, you can work with clients online, in person, or by telephone and mail. They are great businesses if you want fun and easy home businesses to make money fast - both online and offline. Do your best and take time to be joyful every day.

Uncover the best easy home businesses that make money online and offline at Siriol Jameson helps you make money from home.

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