Working At Home
Five False Facts You Should Know

Is working at home for you? It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? No boss, no commute, no punching the clock. But is it really as great as some people claim? Check out guest author Lynn Powers' article. She tells you the five myths about working from home and the truth behind them!

If you google "working from home," you'll find thousands of statements ranging from declarations that, "you can make a million dollars in the first month" to "if you work from home, your kids will resent you." With so many "truths" circulating, how can you know which ones to believe?

Here are five "facts" you can chalk up to "falsehood," when it comes to working from home.

1. You'll get rich! This statement is the most laughable of all, but still people fall for it every day. The thought of possibly making millions excites us. After all, who wouldn't want to trade in their small two-bedroom home for a five thousand square foot beach house in the Bahamas? Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, "if it sounds too good to be true..." you know the rest. THE TRUTH: With some really hard work and persistence, you may very well achieve a comfortable living. Maybe even enough to allow you to take a trip to Disney World next year.

2. You'll have loads of extra time! Not likely. Working at home doesn't add hours to your day. If anything, it takes away hours of productivity because of all the distractions you face simply by being at home (like loads of laundry, not time). THE TRUTH: Diligence and hard work is what it takes whether you work in or out of the home. And diligence and hard work add up to time. Sometimes lots of it.

3. The product sells itself! Okay, this may be true for a product like Tupperware but even then, new products have to be sold. Products do not talk people into buying them. That's what representatives and sales people are for. This is especially true with new companies that are popping up everywhere. If someone has never heard of your business, it's not likely they'll be enthusiastic about trying your product. THE TRUTH: You will have to market, advertise, and sell your product yourself.

4. You can write off everything! While there are certainly plenty of write-offs that come with having a (working) at-home business, don't count on so many to qualify you for a refund. It just isn't possible. THE TRUTH: You would be wise to set aside 30% of your income for income taxes. And, unless you really know your stuff, hire an accountant at tax time. If you have money left over from that 30%, treat yourself to something fun or put it aside towards next year's taxes.

5. If you create a website, your business will explode! It surely will help, but it may take a long time to start reaping the benefits of branching out your business to the Web world. Don't misunderstand - creating a website is definitely a smart idea - and in today's world, practically a requirement. But building a website won't double your income overnight. THE TRUTH: You will need to maintain your website and market it. And face to face customer contact will probably be necessary, at least for a while.

Yes, it would be nice if all of these promises were true. But, to use another adage, nothing worth having is ever easy. Working at home has many perks and benefits. But what it comes down to is, like any job, it requires hard work, knowledge, and perseverance.

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