The Toxic Workplace - Get Out!

Do you hate your job? Maybe that's because you work in a toxic workplace! To find out, and get tips on how to deal with it, check out this helpful article by guest author Ben Carlsen.

Everyone knows that today's economy is producing tough work environments for many people. Many people are unemployed and even those who are employed have diminished prospects. The advice you will most commonly hear is: "hold onto your job!" For the most part, this is good advice, but if your job is negatively affecting your self-image, harming your health, or compromising your values - your survival may (literally) be at stake.

What is a toxic workplace?

According to Peter B. Grazier, of, "A toxic workplace can certainly pertain to stress-related illness or death, and this has been well documented. But it can also relate to attitude."

You decide

Is your workplace toxic? Who knows? It's your assessment that counts. Some employees may thrive under conditions that would completely destroy another individual. If you consistently, or often, feel you are working in an environment that is not conducive to your emotional well-being, you probably should consider whether or not it's worthwhile to continue your employment at that particular place.

Marie G. MacIntyre, on her site,, states that "toxic organizations are usually the product of toxic leadership. For better or worse, the values and beliefs of top executives determine the culture of their companies."

Does that sound familiar?

People react differently to toxic work situations. Some people might become depressed while others become angry. In other situations, you might find one person with physical calamities while another is plotting revenge. It is difficult to say how any one person will react to a negative work environment. It goes without saying that nothing good can come of it, of course.

Likewise, if the work you're doing requires moral, ethical, or character compromises, you should seriously consider getting out. The unethical or immoral workplace may be fine for sociopaths, but unless you fall into that category ESCAPE!

No workplace is paradise

Even the numerous companies named paradise (e.g., Paradise Hotel) may not be paradise for their employees. While the customers and guests may experience joy and relaxation, it is achieved through the toil, attentiveness, and support of those who work there. So before you leave "Hell-hole, Inc." for Paradise, Corp., think twice. You could escape your miserable job only to find greater misery. So be realistic in your assessment, and deliberate in your decision.

Ben A. Carlsen, Ed.D, MBA, is an experienced leader and educator with over 30 years experience in management, consulting, and teaching. Dr. Carlsen is a management consultant, and business writer in the Miami, Florida area.

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