Job Related Articles

Below are some job search articles you might find interesting. There are a wide variety of job-related topics that people experience, but it is impossible to cover all of them.

The articles below are an attempt to try to hit some of the highlights that some people might encounter in more frequently in their job search.

Job Related Videos

Job Related Videos 

Background Checks

Does a Background Check for Employment Make You Nervous? 

What You Should Know About the Employment Background Check 

The Background on Background Checks

Reference Letters

Job References 

Character Reference Letter 

Miscellaneous Articles

50 Things That Really Do Matter 

The Jobless Rate: How it Effects You 

What Makes You Happy? 

What Do Recruiters Look For In You? 

Retirement Strategies 

Revenge of the Baby Boomers: Changing the Face of Retirement 

Returning to the Workforce: Employment Gaps One Step at a Time 

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask 

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs 

Quit Your Day Job 

Starting a New Job

Asking for a Raise 

Balance Work and Life 

Get a Job Promotion 

Planning to Quit Your Job? 

Time Management 

How to Get Promoted

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Additional Job Interview Q&A; Info

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