Best Paid Careers

You certainly want to grab one of the best paid careers out there, don't you?

Well while working on my college degree I always dreamed of landing in one of those cushy jobs where the pay is envious, the work environment is stupendous and life is at its best, or at least looks so to the people outside.
best paid careers
I'd be able to take the afternoons off whenever I wanted to and enjoy 2 hour lunches on the company's dime.

The other day I had a weird thought come to my mind. I thought of comparing the hot jobs from my college days with the ones from the present day. And to my surprise I did not see much of a variation in the fields that were responsible for making professionals wealthy.

So here is a look at some of the most lucrative and best paid careers to which you can aspire:

Medical Profession

Medical professionals have been ruling the stage when it comes to earning prowess for quite some time now. Given the nature of their job and its importance to human life it is but natural that professionals practicing medicine demand a huge pay for their time.

Within this field there are numerous areas of specialization and most of them are known for highly paid jobs. Anesthesiologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, psychiatrists and surgeons among others are some of the best paid professionals in the country. Dentists, pediatricians and general physicians follow the top league careers with very minimal difference in pay.

Business Management

Huge organizations that make the country's economy run need able minds to lead them. Thus it's natural that the business management professionals who make the decisions for multinational corporations demand a premium for their services.

Therefore if you intend to have a highly paid career, going to a well-known school and then subsequently landing up with a business management job may be your ticket to the big league of best paid careers.

Technology Management

If you are more inclined towards technical excellence as compared to reading company balance sheets or meeting sales targets then you may opt for a lucrative technology management job. Technology management is a very challenging field that needs specialized skills so it is very rewarding as a career.

Airline and Space

The airline and space sector is one more area that boasts of quite a few highly paid careers. Pilots, engineers and astronomers are known to be among those who earn six figures per year. If this is something you have been passionate about then go all out for it. This is a rewarding career.


Legal professionals demand a fair amount of money for their services. Most multinational companies have their own in-house legal experts to advise them during unforeseen situations. There are a lot of different fields that the legal profession encompasses, too. One can make a satisfying career out of this with all the abundant opportunities available in this field.

So that's about it! These are some of the best paid careers. If you would like to share your thoughts about any of these professions then please feel to get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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