Career Change After 50

Can you make a career change after 50?

There is no real reason why you can't! If you are seriously weighing your options to change careers then you likely have a wide range of skills which can be put to effective use. If you do not already possess the skills you need to make a career change then you probably have an educational background that can set the stage for engaging in a career change.

Ultimately, as long as you are serious about changing your professional status quo you can do so in an effective manner. You just need to have the right attitude and approach. If you fit such a description then you will certainly be able to move into your new career with relatively less trouble.

50 is not too old to make a change

The notion that 50 is too old to make a career change is just not an accurate assessment. Some might be of the opinion that 50 is a little aged to switch careers but to be of such a belief is to completely ignore facts. The most obvious fact is a great many people have made such changes at such an age.

Also, people do work quite a bit more these days than they did in the past. This does not exclusively infer that they are working more hours per day although many people do. Rather, what this means is that people are working more and more years. They are not retiring at 65 and many will continue working well into their 70's. Those that do retire will often find another job in their retirement years. When you take such factors into consideration, it would be out of place to assume that you cannot make a career change after 50. In many ways, doing so could be the best career option you make in life.

Planning is the key to a career change

You should definitely not make a career change after 50 without proper planning. This is true no matter what age you may be. However, if you are older and earn a relatively comfortable income you will not be best served making a career change abruptly and without careful planning. When you do make the right amount of planning, you can segue into your new job in a much more effective manner.

How long should you plan out a career change?

There is no definitive answer to this. Some may be better served planning things out 90 days in advance and others will require one year's planning to attain serious results. The key here is that you do plan things out far enough so that the change can be to your benefit.

Define why you are making a career change

You do not need to have any reason for making a career change after 50 but it would not hurt if you did explain to yourself why you wish to do so. In some instances, it would be a pragmatic reason. You may need a job that requires fewer hours to work or has higher pay. For others, there may be additional issues factoring in which may not be so clearly defined. This can lead to a bit of clouded thinking regarding making such a change. Don't fall into the trap of not knowing why you are seeking to making a career change after 50. Define the reason clearly to yourself and you will make the process much easier.

To put my thoughts in a nutshell, you can certainly make a career change after 50and that can be a great decision from your career's perspective. No doubt it will require some effort on your part, but then it is certainly doable with the right attitude and preparation.