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If you are serious about starting or advancing your career, you need to learn how to do it. Sure, you could probably figure it out for yourself with a lot of trial and error. (That's how many people do it, even though it can take months or even years.) Unfortunately, the trial-and-error approach can leave you stagnated in a dead-end job; or worse, get you fired if the "errors" are big enough.

There is another way -- learn what you need to know to get hired, get noticed (in a positive way, of course!) and get ahead by reading the CAREER-LIFE TIMES. It is chock-full of how-to tips, information and advice; real strategies you can use right now to skyrocket your success.

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Susan Miller


I don't know you. But I am willing to bet that you are, or soon will be, working for a living. Think about that phrase, "working for a living." For many people, that means:

(1) getting a JOB (Just Over Broke),

(2) working their tail off for someone who doesn't appreciate their efforts,

(3) living from paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how they will pay their bills each month,

(4) spending their time at home grumbling about their day at work and dreading going back the next morning,

(5) but scared to death that they might get fired and lose that job they hate!

Don't we all know people in that situation? Do you want to BE in that situation? Of course not!

You want "working for a living" to mean:

(1) living life on your terms by

(2) doing what you enjoy, while

(3) building financial security for yourself and your family.

That's what CAREER-LIFE TIMES is all about.

* Receive tips on finding great opportunities, even in a bad economy.

* Find out how to get your application & resume at the top of the "call for interview" pile.

* Discover powerful strategies that you can use to ace that interview and get the job.

* Avoid on-the-job mistakes that will piss off your boss.

* Learn how to increase your value to your company, and thus enhance your chances for promotion.

* Read about ways to balance your work and home life to get the most out of both.

* Even get information on how you can become your own boss and leave the rat-race behind.

"I loved your newsletter! You held my interest throughout. It was greatly entertaining and informative. It was an easy read -- quickly made the point and went on to the next topic. I enjoyed it more than any other newsletter/copy I've read, and I've read quite a few! "Plus it's inspirational. You know, a really well-written article can do this one thing: It will lift my emotions. Ideas spring to mind. It moves me to action, and I'm on a roll. Your newsletter does that. I can't wait to read your next issue!" Lyn Blair
North Hills, CA

All this and much more will be available to you at NO COST when you subscribe to CAREER-LIFE TIMES. No hype or fluff, just good, solid information on how to succeed in your chosen career. And here's a nice little bonus: it will be entertaining as well as informative. We all need to laugh once in a while, especially about serious stuff like our livelihoods!


OK, nothing is ever totally free, right? In exchange for giving you this ongoing flow of free information that you can use throughout every stage of your career, I may occasionally do two things:

(1) Ask for your feedback. The CAREER-LIFE TIMES will be continually evolving and improving based on what YOU tell me. Give me your ideas and opinions. I'll listen and implement them, when feasible.

(2) Tell you about products or services you might be interested in. No, that doesn't mean the CAREER-LIFE TIMES will be full of annoying advertisements. My goal is to create a lasting relationship with my readers. I would never do anything that might jeopardize that relationship. This is NOT one of those stupid newsletters that's more sales pitch than substance! But once in a while (certainly not in every issue), I might recommend a book or web site or service that is relevant to what's being discussed.

"Thanks for such a wonderful, matter-of-fact and humorous publication. I have become a big fan of "Career-Life Times" and always look forward to the next issues. Being a new grad actively searching the web for jobs, I go through tons of the same old stale and boring newsletters which have no zest like your issues. So thank you for such a enjoyable change!" Ajmita Ghale
Milwaukee, WI

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