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Competition for jobs is tougher than ever. In this excellent article by guest author Malcolm O. Munro, you'll discover a tremendous advantage that will help you get hired. Read this article and learn how to get ahead in this crazy economy.

As the unemployment rate continues to fluctuate, job-seekers are in a relentless battle to land a good job. Some companies are starting to hire again, but others are still in limbo as to when they will start adding new employees to their payroll.

The good news is, some people are still getting hired. What this means is that you have to be ahead of those other job candidates if you want to get one of those newly opened positions.

How can you make sure that the employer looks to your instead of someone else when offering that next job? You have to make sure that you show the employer how you can fit with the organization by meeting their needs. One way to do this - and be able to remember it during the interview - is to use this acronym: S.C.A.R.

Problem Solver

This is the first and foremost attribute that every company is looking for in their employees. Companies hire people to come in and solve problems. If you can demonstrate how your past experience includes problem-solving skills, you can win the hiring manager's favor. Try using the following guide:

S - Situation - "I was working for XYZ company a year ago when...

C - Challenge - ...we had a major situation occur in the IT department...

A - Action - rather than sit around and wait to see what happened, I ...

R - Result - ...stepped in and offered my assistance and he server came back up quickly and work continued."

Show them you can and will fix problems and you'll get noticed.

Money Maker

Businesses ultimately exist to make money. Corporate mission and vision statements aside, it is the whole purpose of business to make a profit. So, when they think of hiring you, are you going to benefit the bottom line? Are you going to be an asset? Will the organization make more money if they hire you? If you want them to answer this question affirmatively, then you will have to show them. Again, use the following guide:

Here's an example:

S - Situation - "I remember a situation when I worked for ABC organization when...

C - Challenge - ...I identified a process that seemed to be continually plagued with rework...

A - Action - instead of just accepting the status quo and let that process continue, I modified it so that ...

R - Result - ...the process was streamlined and the department saved over $100,000 last year." If you can show the employer that you can make money (or save money, which is effectively the same as earning money) and you'll get the job offer.

Team Player

People are an organization's most valuable resource and also the one that is most difficult to direct. Processes can be fixed but people are much more complicated. Demonstrate that you have an ability to work well with others and you will find yourself in high demand by your next interviewer.

Here's an example:

S - Situation - "I was working at XYZ corporation 2 years ago when...

C - Challenge - ...I took over the management of a division where there was high employee turnover...

A - Action - instead of allowing that to continue, I instituted a coaching and feedback system ...

R - Result - ...and because I took that action, our employee retention rate increased by 20%."

Let the employer see that you get along well with others and you'll get the open position.

Value Added

Value can be measured by all of the above. It's simply your ability to add to the well-being of the organization rather than drain it. People who add value have job security, more opportunities for promotion, and little trouble finding jobs even in times of economic crisis.

Don't spend time worrying about the August 2010 report. Go back through your work history and find your "Greatest Hits." Rewrite your resume and update your interview script to include them. Be the best, most corporately-attractive candidate and you'll find that dream job!

Malcolm O. Munro, the "Career Fitness Coach," is a speaker, author, consultant, and career coach who specializes in helping clients find their dream jobs and careers. Visit him online at

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