Job Search Tools

Tools are designed make our work and life easier... and sometimes more fun!

Below are some specific cool tools that I think you might find interesting. 

You Can Create Your Own Professional Resume

If you would like more information about "How to Write a Professional Resume", the following book is a great resource:

It will show you exactly how to make an exceptional resume -
professionally and quickly.

You'll also find some outstanding articles in the book which will help you with your cover letter and the interviewing process, too.

Since this book is sold as an e-book, you can print off as many copies of the worksheets and forms as you need to help you through the easy-to-follow steps.

Additional Job Interview Q&A; Info

For even more information about job interview questions and how to answer them, consider the "Job Interview Success System."

One of the 5 key components of this system is a 31-page report entitled "How to Give Job-Winning Answers to Interview Questions." In addition to giving more tips and strategies on general answering techniques, it lists 45 of the easiest, toughest, silliest and most common job interview questions as well as how to respond to them.

If you are interested in starting your own website, just like this one (any topic, of course), take a look at SiteSell's flagship product, Solo Build It!

I did a lot of research (months, seriously) and found out about Solo Build It!. Once I realized that it was perfect for me (easy enough to understand, but sophisticated enough to grow as my business grew), I began to create a site that could help others as well as earn an income for myself.

Take a look and see if it is for you, too:

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