Cruise Ship Jobs

Fancy Working on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ship jobs can be a very rewarding opportunity for wandering souls like me who have always thought of travelling to far away land but then have not been taking action - thanks to the anxiety caused due to the fear of losing out on a steady job and most possibly a relatively comfortable life.

But then the soul crushing grind of the workplace does remind me of my inherent desire to travel and move away from the office and do something fun and enjoyable. The search for that opportunity to set out on the voyage while still having a decent assured pay led me to explore jobs on the Cruise Ship.

I am sure there are many out there like me who would love to be working on cruise ship jobs, meeting different people, travelling around the world and best of all not to have cut a sorry face every morning while going to work, because work is fun and play for you! If you are one then you will definitely benefit from my knowledge.

A common conception among not-s- well-informed cruise job aspirants is that the cruise ship jobs are all about taking pictures of travellers (though I believe this can be an exciting job for somebody interested in photography), mopping the floors and washing the dishes. Little do they know that there are numerous other full time career opportunities associated with cruise ship jobs!

To get a glimpse of the opportunities available on a Cruise Ship for job seekers let me give you an idea about what a modern day cruise ship is like.

A modern cruise ship is more like a big hotel on water or maybe you could compare it with a small town with all the amenities you would need to have a very comfortable stay. Can you imagine having swimming pools, cinema theatres, shopping complexes, fitness centers, restaurants, sports facilities, professional medical care among other things on a ship that floats on water? Well that's what the life within a Cruise Ship looks like and as a job hunter you have got quite a few options out there.

Apart from the pay, which is pretty good for typical jobs as compared to similar jobs on the mainland you get the added advantage of enjoying the fringe benefits associated with working on a Cruise Ship. These benefits can be really rewarding as availing them as a customer would cost you some serious money.

Free rooms on luxury cruise ships are one of the most common attractions for job seekers. That allows you to explore the world without really worrying about a room to stay in. Top that up with free meals, insurance and medical care among a lot of other facilities and you have the life of your dream.

If you are worrying you might have to stay on water all the while and never get a chance to explore the faraway lands then you could not be far from the truth. There is something called "down time" which is a fancy name for the time for which the ship docks around the world while on its journey and this is the time when you can jump off the ship and explore the foreign land - much like the other tourists on board.

However not everything is as rosy on the cruise ship as it seems. You must realize that working on a cruise is hard work. You got to go on for long stretch of hours without breaks. Sometimes you will be required to work for 4-6 months at a stretch without holidays. Another fact to consider is that it's not really easy to walk away from your job and look for another one in the mid of a trip. You just can't because you will be in the middle of the sea with virtually no escape route. You must consider you health, family dependencies before committing to working on a cruise ship.

If you decide to go for jobs on a ship then please do not restrict yourself to a particular job. Expose yourself to various departments and understand the job. Be meticulous in carrying out your tasks because sloppy work gets highlighted pretty soon in the service industry. Having experience in the Hotel, Engine department and the deck would help boost your resume and significantly improve your employability.