Executive Resume

Why maintaining a current resume is a must for today's executives?

Today executive resume writing is more important than it was ever before!

More and more executives are being advised to maintain and update their resumes like any other professional job that they do. There has to be a method to this madness and that's what we explore here.

By the way when was the last time you updated your executive resume?

If it was not somewhere in the recent past, then can you please think about the possible reasons why you could not really spend a little bit of time updating your resume?

Research says there are a few common factors which prevent executives from maintain an updated resume at all times. Sometimes the comfort of being in a cushy well paying job does not really get the mind cranking when it comes to updating the resume.

It's true that updating resume is related to preparing for a job change at a psychological level and that's why most of us never ever concentrate on getting this sorted while we still have a good job.

Some of the other common reasons include unavailability of time, sense of security in the current job, updating a resume being much of a chore and lack of confidence in creating a stunning resume.

However, irrespective of all those reasons the fact remains that updating resumes for executives is as important as any of their other tasks.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider keeping your executive resume updated...

Combating Unexpected Contingencies

In today's dynamically changing world nothing is permanent and least of all is your beloved job. If you are under the impression that volatility will not affect your current job then I need to give you a wakeup call. If an organization like the Lehman Brothers can vanish in a matter of days it's not safe to assume that any of our jobs will be permanently ours. The fact remains that there are simply too many parameters involved that are absolutely out of our control.

In such a case the best you can do is keep yourself prepared for any contingencies that might pop up. One the very first thing you should be doing towards your contingency preparedness is to update your executive resume. That will give you a little insurance against unexpected changes within the organization, mergers and layoffs.

Grabbing Unexpected Opportunities

Trust me it happens all the while! With the recruiters vying for the best talents available in the industry you might never know when the next big offer of your life would come staring at you literally begging you to grab it. In such cases time is of primary importance and you need to make swift moves to latch on to such once in a life time offers.

Having an updated professional resume comes in real handy in such a situation. Rather than stressing out on updating your resume you could focus on things that need your attention. Thus having an up to date resume is a life saver or better still life maker in this kind of circumstances.

Keeping Track of Achievements and Progress in Real Time

As a smart and successful executive you do a lot of good work and are appreciated for your efforts. But will your future employer ever know how you had performed earlier and the kind of rewards you had got?

Think about it!

By continually updating your executive resume you can keep track of all the major and minor achievements with proof that can be presented to your future employers and provide you a platform to negotiate better opportunities for yourself.

Hope you understand the importance of updating your executive resume and take it seriously going forward. Please let me know if you want any help with this through the contact us form on the website. I will be only too glad to help you out wherever possible.

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