How to Get a Job Promotion?

You have just been told you need to get a job promotion.

Who told you this?

You were informed of this by, essentially, a voice in your head. That voice would be your better judgment. Deep down inside, you know that now is the right time to explore further options within your current career.

The time is right and you need to take action.

Why do you need a promotion?

Why is it so important to get a job promotion? The answer to this question can be a little more complex than most would assume. Obviously, gaining a promotion would mean better wages and, possibly, a more prestigious job with expanded responsibilities. Underneath the surface, however, would be the personal satisfaction gained from a quality promotion.

When you do not feel personally rewarded in the job you perform, you will not be happy. That makes the work day a rather mundane affair. Rather than exist in your current job situation like this, you would be far better suited seeking expanded career duties.

Are you a viable candidate for a promotion?

This can be a somewhat tough question to answer sometimes. You may feel that you certainly do deserve a promotion, but do you really deserve a promotion?

At the most basic level, you need to be a solid and reliable performer in your current job. Just because you feel; you should get a job promotion does not automatically mean you should viably be given one. You have to be a solid performer in your job. You will also need to demonstrate you can be relied upon and are equipped to take up additional responsibilities. Actions such as these set the stage for being approved for a promotion.

Do not be your own Achilles Heel

When you become bored or dissatisfied in your current job, you might be tempted to start coasting or slacking. This would be a truly poor approach to take! You cannot force the hand of your employer to give you a promotion simply by being mediocre. To assume you can achieve results from this approach would be wrongheaded on every level. Don't fall into such a trap!

Ask for the criteria for promotion

One reason people become upset about being passed over for a promotion is because they wrongly assumed they met all the criteria to be promoted. Here is a rule to follow: never assume that you are on a career path towards a promotion unless you have confirmation regarding what is needed to be promoted. Simply asking your supervisor about your career path could clear up quite a few misconceptions and avoid ill will or bad feelings down the road. Just take the extra steps to avoid being pushy or trying to press a decision. You want to be assertive but not to the point of undermining your cause.

Once you discover everything that will be required of you to be promoted, you need to work towards your goal. If you are tasked with certain duties in order to get a job promotion, put the right effort forward.

To get a job promotion may not always be the easiest thing in the world to achieve but results can be attained with the right approach. If you really want such an outcome you must work appropriately to achieve it.