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Who couldn't use a little extra money these days? But part-time jobs are hard to come by. A great alternative is to earn money from home.

Home-based businesses have come a long way over the years. Thanks to the home computer and Internet, you now have access to unlimited information and opportunities... and unlimited ways to earn extra money.

Even if you're not particularly interested in earning money with your computer, it is an invaluable tool for finding and researching opportunities for home-based businesses that you might enjoy.

I am not going to recommend any particular business opportunity to you. After all, how can I recommend a specific business for you when I don't know what you enjoy doing? The links on this page are just some examples to get you thinking about the possibilities.

Once you decide that the concept of a home-based business is one you wish to pursue, you should consider four things before proceeding:

  1. If you are asked to invest money, make sure there is a full money-back guarantee.
  2. Find a business that involves something you will enjoy doing. (In other words, look beyond the promised income and find something you'll love doing.)
  3. Look for an opportunity that fits a part-time schedule, so you can continue with your "day job" -- at least until you are sure it's fun, secure, and profitable enough for you to quit your job and become your own boss on a full-time basis!
  4. If you find an opportunity that looks perfect for you, do additional research before jumping in. Do a search on the company or product name to see if there are any comments (pro or con) by others who have tried it. Don't just believe the claims on the company's own website.

The Small Business Administration has some excellent information regarding starting a small business, too. Take a look at this: Small Business Administration: Small Business Trends

On another note: If you are interested in learning about starting an Internet-based business, you should consider creating your web site with SBI! This is the company I use to create this web site.

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