Job After Retirement

Are you considering a job after retirement? There are many available jobs for people who want to continue working after they have retired.

If you have recently retired or are planning to retire soon and are looking for something new and/or different, consider some of the positions below. But first, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why would I want to work after retirement?

  2. What could I benefit from a job after retirement?

  3. How much time am I willing to spend in my retirement working?

It's obvious that retirement puts one in a situation where spare time has grown. If you have plans already for your retirement years, by all means do them. There are factors, however, that can determine how all that extra time you now have is spent. In other words, you have plans for an extended vacation, see the world, visit places you've always wanted, spend time with family, grandchildren, etc., but how long will that last? You may find yourself, after all that adventure, with more time on your hands than expected.

Now what? There are many possibilities to keep busy, and one very productive and fulfilling way is to go to a paying job after retirement. Volunteering is a wonderful way to spend your spare time, but why not get paid? This article will help you make informative decisions for work after retirement, and should help guide you towards that rewarding after retirement career.

Why would I want to work after retirement?

As stated above, you have spare time. You went to the places you’ve wanted to see, you've done things you've always wanted, and now it's time to sit. And sit. Do you really want to sit "on the front porch swing" and watch the world go by? Or do you have the ingrained need, brought on by years of undying work ethics, to do something productive? Maybe it's time to take action. A job after retirement may be exactly the action to take.

What could I benefit from a job after retirement?

The most obvious benefit for working after retirement is utilizing your spare time in a productive manner. The next obvious benefit is a paycheck to supplement your retirement income. In this day and age, money is an ever-increasing issue. Prices are going up, and so living costs are getting steep. There are many choices in the job market for those willing to work after retirement. Several jobs – both part-time and full-time – have benefits for the retired worker. Part-time work can let you easily balance your time between private activities and earning money. Full-time is for the retiree who has more than enough time and enjoys the personal benefits of a work-filled day.

How much time am I willing to spend in my retirement working?

This is a very good question, and it is all up to you. You've made plans over the years working, and you've set aside the money for those activities. Go ahead, live it! That’s entirely your prerogative. But what happens when all those activities are spent? That's what you have to decide. You can work as much as you want, for as long as you can after retirement. It depends on your choices to make it work. There are several companies that have a retiree workforce; you only need to decide which one you are willing to work for.

After retirement possibilities:

Part-time retirement jobs:

Ready, Set, Service, Inc.: This is a part-time resale service agent. The job entails managing departments in a popular chain of hardware stores.

REPS, a Handleman Company: This is a retail merchandising company that handles third-party products in many large chain stores. There is minor administrative duties with this job, which also includes restocking and display setup.

Arizona Community Physicians, P.C.: Medical Records Specialist – This wonderful part-time opportunity is all about the filing, submitting and managing medical records.

Mac Processes Oy: This is a work-at-home opportunity processing orders through a company in Finland. You can work as much as you want, and at no cost for you to apply.

Full-time retirement jobs:

Light truck/van/limousine driver: This job requires a passenger driving license and a "clean" driving record.

Customer service/Technology Representative: This is a job working for companies such as AT&T, JetBlue, Quest Diagnostics Labs, etc. It entails call-in customer service and support. Some companies will allow you to work at home.

Home Health Care/Aide: Do you have a medical background? Utilize it best by applying for a job in the Home Health Care field. You would visit those who need basic to advanced health assistance in their homes, or assist a Registered Nurse in the field.

Teaching Assistant/Aide: Use the knowledge you have built up over the years to benefit the younger generation. Teacher's Aides are in demand, and most school's populations are growing.

Contract Professional: You can profit by your education and experience. There are several companies out there who will make contracts for persons of your caliber.

Accounting and Finance/Tax Preparers: Do you have a strong background in finances and tax preparing? Are you good at bookkeeping? Take advantage of your skills in this rewarding and well-paying field.

Consulting Work:

Captive Consulting, Cottingham & Butler: If you are looking for a position where you can capitalize on your relationship building skills AND your financial analysis skills, look no further! The responsibilities of the Captive Consultant may include:

Acting as primary contact for clients to ensure that they are serviced with excellence * Develop and maintain positive working relationships with all captive service providers. * Monitoring and reviewing the work of a team of internal and external service providers to ensure that work is done in a timely and accurate manner * Negotiating terms with the various captive service providers. * Reviewing and interpreting various financial reports in order to deliver recommendations on operational items to the captive board.

Service Consultant, STAPLES, Inc.: As a Service Consultant, you will be responsible for teaming with a Senior Account Manager, or Account Manager to service accounts as required and launch new initiatives.

Staffing Consultant, Express Employment Professionals: This consulting occupation is responsible for placing prospective employees with contracted companies. You would interview subjects and do all the legwork to obtain information on their qualifications and background.

In conclusion, you can see by this brief list the opportunities for after retirement work. The jobs are out there, and if you have the time, you could be out there, too! It is entirely up to you. The area in which you live is a great place to start, eliminating long commutes. You can even change profession! All you need to do is live the dream.