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Conducting a job hunt online may be just what you need to jump-start the job search process. Do you ever get exasperated by looking for jobs in a regular newspaper? You have to weed through all of the jobs before you find the specific job of choice. This is where searching for a job online may beat that of simply looking for a job in the newspaper.

Online classified ads are more often the online version of the ads that you will find in the regular off-line newspaper and they can be great! Also, there are more help wanted ads online than ever printed in newspapers. It's the new way to find a job. You may search through the online ads easily by keyword, etc. than the printed version.

There are major online classified ad sites that cover more than just one geographical area, too. If you're looking online for a job, then you can search for more than one region.

The Best Job Hunt (Online) Sites:

CraigsList - online job classified ads that contain everything from steroids to apartments, to collectibles, personals, etc. It had its origin in San Francisco and now covers all fifty states in the United States, province in Canada, and in many countries. If someone is looking for a job, then he or she will be especially interested in both the "jobs" and "gigs" which are short-term jobs. Be on your guard! The ads are free in most cities, so you may find bogus listings. These are one-of-a-kind classified ads that are not in print anywhere. You will find that CraigsList ads are in reverse chronological order. They begin with the newest first and the oldest last and are organized by date within the category.

AbyZNewsLinks - This is a very good international directory of newspapers, news sources and other news media that cover the United States and Canada.

AdQuest3D Classifieds - There are more than 300,000 classified ads from more than 1,600 publications in the United States. These ads are searchable by a certain number of miles from a city or zip code and state location by employment subcategory that is, farm, holiday, healthcare, etc., and/or by keywords. - This is a compilation of news resources such as magazines, TV stations, newspapers, and TV networks by location and by subject. This website also includes directories of city and county governments and colleges. You are able to locate your news resource and look for online classifieds and/or jobs with the newspaper as well as with other news sources. - This website is an aggregator of classified ads that currently cover more than 300 "regions". You are able to browse by category and then by sub-category, or search. Freshness can sometimes be a problem for aggregators, so be sure to watch for the most current listings. You cannot expect 100% accuracy with aggregators. - You are able to type in your keywords, job title or company name and then the appropriate city, state or zip code. This site will usually tell you how many new jobs have been posted in the last seven days. You are able to search newspapers, job sites, associations, and company career pages. - Here you are able to find the job of your dreams. You can make use of Monster's resources to create a killer resume, prepare for interviews, search for jobs, and launch your career. - On this website, you are able to search through 1.6 million jobs. You will be able to find new employment or work. Fresh job listings are posted every day. You can also have jobs emailed to you.

Conducting your job hunt online has come a long way in the past few years. It may just be how you find your next job.

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