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Coming up with the right job interview answers can be challenging. It helps if you know some of the questions in advance - and there are some job interview questions that are likely to be asked in most every professional job interview.

However, there are some interview questions that will likely be specific to your industry and your position which you will need to be ready to answer.

Those are the job interview answers you need to pay especially close attention to. Why? Anyone can prepare for the general job interview questions. And, let me make it clear that you SHOULD be prepared to answer those questions readily and concisely. But... the questions that require the most attention should be the ones that are specific to the position for which you are applying.

job interview answers

Here are some of the most basic job interview questions with the best job interview answers you can give:

  • When you are asked an interview question that is focused on your qualifications, the interviewer is trying to determine if you have the ability to do the tasks associated with the job. This is pretty plain and simple.

    How to answer: Match your particular skills to those needed for that particular position.

  • When you are asked if you like to work or are able to work in a team environment, you are being evaluated on your ability to cooperate with others. Even if your job is mostly an independent position, you have to be able to get along with other people.

    How to answer: You can always work well with others, but there are times when working on a project on your own is satisfying.

  • When you are asked if you are willing to relocate, the company is primarily checking to see if you are willing to do what it takes to be successful in your position.

    How to answer: If you don't say "yes", you'll never know if they really want you to relocate or not. If you do say "yes" and get the job offer, then you can start asking questions about relocation. Without the job offer, you have nothing.

  • When you are asked how long it will take for you to contribute to the company, the hiring manager is curious to see if you'll simply state a time frame or if you'll actually give the question some thought.

    How to answer: The best thing to do ask the interviewer what the areas of greatest need are at the current time. When you have that information, you can respond appropriately. Otherwise, you are just fishing in the dark.

  • When you are asked if you got along well with your last supervisor, the interviewer is trying to find out if you are difficult to get along with, if you can cooperate well with others and/or if you have a big mouth.

    How to answer: Your best response is going to be that you and your last supervisor got along well. There is no need to offer anything more than that.

Some job interview answers are easier than others to come up with. When you get into the "groove" of preparing for a job interview, you will find it easier to come up with intelligent, clever answers. The time when it is the most difficult to come up with a good job interview answer is when you are caught by surprise and have no plan.

The key, then, is to rehearse your answers. Think about other job interview questions and practice your responses to them. Don't memorize your answers, but repeat them enough times and in enough different ways that you can answer with confidence and clarity.

Understand that this isn't a quiz where you can score 100% and you get a new job. You are in direct competition with other job candidates. The more polished you are, the better you will do in the employment interview and the more likely YOU will be the one to get the job offer.

Be prepared!

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