Job Interview Secrets

Job Interview secrets help you prepare for that important one-on-one meeting with a prospective employer. This is your opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer, so it pays to be well prepared.

Ok, so maybe these aren't job interview secrets; they are more like job interview expectations (of you).

Job Interview Preparation:

  • Learn about the organization.
  • Have a specific job or jobs in mind.
  • Review your qualifications for the job.
  • Be ready to briefly describe your experience, showing how it relates it the job.
  • Be ready to answer broad questions, such as "Why should I hire you?"
  • Also expect those specific questions, like "Tell me your greatest weakness."
  • Practice an interview with a friend or relative.

What to bring to an interview:

  • Social Security card
  • Government-issued identification (driver's license)
  • Resume or application (if necessary, both)
  • References (at least 3 and have their permission)
  • Transcripts (if you are recently out of school)

Personal appearance:

  • Be well groomed (hair, nails, makeup, jewelry).
  • Dress professionally.
  • Do not chew gum or smoke.
  • Smile.

The interview:

  • Be early.
  • Learn the name of your interviewer and greet him by name.
  • Extend your hand for a firm handshake.
  • Use good manners with everyone you meet.
  • Relax and answer each question concisely.
  • Be honest.
  • Use proper English - avoid slang.
  • Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
  • Use body language to show interest - smile and maintain eye contact.
  • Ask questions about the position and the organization.
  • Avoid asking questions about salary and benefits unless a job offer is made.
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.
  • Send a short thank you note afterward.

Hopefully, these job interview secrets have given you some ideas about what to do for your next interview - as well as what not to do. If there is any one thing that you should take with you from this article, it's that you must be prepared. Employers want to see that you're going to be like on the job - so impress them early and make them WANT to hire you.

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