Job Loss Increases Due To Recession

Whether the economy is officially in a "Recession" or not, it's having a terrible impact on jobs. If you've experienced a job loss, or think you might, take advantage of the tips provided in this article by guest author Karen C. Gates.

Currently the economy is as bad as I can remember in my lifetime and that dates back fairly far. People are losing their jobs on a daily basis, and although things may seem bad, there is always hope.

According to Linda Stern of Newsweek, "In February, 63,000 U.S. jobs evaporated; 17,000 were lost in January. The job market is deteriorating just as a generation of workers is looking to move up a rung."

"People in midcareer are getting jobs now, though they really have to work harder at it," reports Anita Attridge, a career coach with the Five O'Clock Club. "In many cases they are changing careers or industries to do it."

Ms. Stern gives some advice on job hunting. First you should approach it like your life depends on it. Second, she suggests to follow the market where the money is. "Even in a bad job market, some industries and professions are struggling to attract enough talent. You may have to take the skills you learned in a shrinking industry, like utilities, and bring it to a growing one, like human resources. Or you may want to use the current downturn to retrain so you're poised for one of the most popular jobs. What are they? The Labor Department reports that more than three out of every 10 new jobs will be in health care, social assistance (elder care or child care) and public and private educational services. It also is predicting solid demand for workers in fields like communications, information technology, accounting, and leisure and hospitality."

Kate Wendleton of the Five O'Clock club says, "jobseekers should put more time into researching and targeting specific companies and jobs, even if they're not advertising any openings. Put at least 15 hours a week into it if you have a job; 35 or more if you don't. Call everyone you know who might be connected to your target and request informational interviews and call back about every 6 weeks."

Don't forget to keep that resume updated. In today's world resumes have a new world approach. Stern says that should be labeled as, "Patricia Jones, Support Administrator With Law Firm Experience" and that you should customize the resume to the job you are interviewing for. She also recommends to update that resume with accomplishments and make sure they are highlighted with action words.

There is no question the job market is slim pickings right now, but with enough hard work, willingness to change and strong desire, you should land your new position in no time.

Ms. Gates is the employment editor for an online advertising and social network medium where businesses can advertise their products and services without pay-per-click prices and auction fees.

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