Job Search Documents

Are you getting ready to launch your job search? If so, you need to prepare the right job search documents. This requires planning and forethought.

Preparing for a job search is likely the most important step you can take to find your next job. There is no substitute for being prepared when it comes to job hunting.

Why is preparation so important?

In order to get the most from your efforts, you should take care of several important tasks prior to contacting any prospective employers. If you do this, you will achieve greater (and faster) results. You will also have more confidence when you do approach employers - and for several reasons.

One reason is that you will know yourself better by having put together your resume.

Another reason is that you will have everything you need and knowing that will provide a level of security.

Your job search documents include anything that will you use to present yourself to an employer. Generally, this includes:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Job references
  • Salary History

When you are prepared with the right materials at the right time your chances of succeeding in the job search are greatly increased.

When did you last update your resume? If it needs work, get it done now. Don't wait until you find a job posting or a friend tells you about a great job. You need to have the resume prepared BEFORE you actually need it.

Do you think you have to wait until you have a possible employer to target before you write a cover letter? Well, you don't. In fact, if you write a cover letter (or 2, or 3, or 10), you become significantly better at including the kind of information each prospective employer wants to "hear". This can be additionally beneficial if you can do a variety of kinds of work.

For example, if you are a program manager, you can do a lot of different jobs, so if you want to write a cover letter for, say, a brand manager position, you'll have that one in your arsenal. If you would also be interested in working as a database administrator, then create that cover letter, too. You'll be that much farther ahead in the job search process. Not only that, but you'll realize just how many skills you have, which becomes beneficial for the job interview, and for your self-confidence.

Now, I didn't mention this with resume writing, but the idea is the same. Create multiple versions of your resume and you will have a great feeling about how marvelous you are - and - you will be able to target job opportunities better.

Once you have these materials in place, you are ready to start the job search in earnest. As you discover job opportunities, you will want to track and organize the various activities associated with our job search.

You can find a great job, but remember that it takes time and effort. Having the right job search documents is a great start.

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