List of Job Search Engines

This list of job search engines is just not another collection of the common job search engines. This is a well researched and carefully chosen list of job portals that are niche oriented. That means the engines listed here target a specific domain or industry or niche.

Please note that I will be updating the list from time to time. Over a period of time I'd like this to become a comprehensive resource listing of niche employment search engines.

The list is categorized based on the industry and is not presented in any specific order.

Niche List of Job Search Engines

College Jobs

These sites are targeted at fresh college graduates or college students. They cater to this specific user group and the jobs posted are ideal if you consider the time available to college students. Some of the sites in this category are, and


Accounting professionals are quite in demand in the job market, especially because they will fit in to almost any vertical or industry. At the end of the day every company needs a person to maintain its accounts, doesn't it? The more popular places for finding accounting jobs are, and


Are you crazy about cars? If you want a job in this industry then look out for new offers at job sites like, and


If you have specialized skills to cater to the construction industry then I would suggest checking out,, and for job openings.


There are highly specialized websites for drivers. My favourite list of job search engines for drivers would include, and


Some of the most lucrative jobs belong to this domain. As you know money makes the world go round and with a job in the Finance sector you are close to where the money is. A job in Finance can be handsomely rewarding and satisfying. My list of niche sites for finance jobs includes,, and

Government Jobs

Some of the most reliable jobs are the ones given by none other than the Federal government. If you aspire to land a government job, then the best places to look for them are, and


Health care is a burgeoning field. With our changing lifestyles and new lifestyle related health problems, the demand for health care services and hence health care professionals have increased substantially over the past couple of years. This augurs well for people aspiring for a job in the health care sector. and are the two websites that come to my mind when I talk of job portals for the healthcare industry. Apart from them, you have other some good options in, and

Law and Law Enforcement

Another lucrative niche to have a job is the legal domain. You know how frequently big corporate are involved in lawsuits nowadays. Guess who benefits the most? The lawyers or the legal representatives of course. A career in the domain of law and law enforcement can be very rewarding. If this is your area then check out and For law enforcement jobs, look at

I am researching more niches and industry verticals to be listed here. This page will be updated with more and up to date data in future. In the mean time if you are aware of a specific niche that has not been covered in this list of job search engines then please let me know about that. You may use the "contact us" form on this website.

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