Job Search Portfolio

A job search portfolio is a job hunting tool which gives employers a complete picture of your abilities, skills, qualifications, accomplishments and goals.

When you prepare a job search portfolio, expect to update it for each job interview you attend. It should be as tailored to the prospective employer as are the resume and cover letter. This is especially great for a local job search. It won't be as useful for an overseas job search, however.

The benefit of having a portfolio of your credentials and accomplishments is that you can use it during an interview to highlight a point, to illustrate the level of your experience in certain areas, or to verify your familiarity of a specific subject area.

A job search portfolio can be organized in a number of ways. The key is for you to be able to put your hands on the information you need when you need it. Organization is your number one priority. It is best to include a table of contents and then divide each area within the portfolio by tabbed sheets, plastic dividers or some other kind of system.

Here is a list of what can be included in a Job Search Portfolio:
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Transcript(s)
  • List of References
  • Letters of Recommendation, Testimonials, Thank You Letters
  • Degrees, Licenses, Certifications
  • Awards, Honors, Scholarships, Grants
  • Research, Publications, Reports
  • Presentations - Workshops, Seminars, Conferences
  • Designs - Brochures, Flyers, Publication
  • Photography
  • CD-ROMs, Videos, DVDs (produced or appeared in)
  • Event Planning
  • Languages
  • Organization Membership, Committee Involvement
  • Community Involvement

Professional Statements:
  • Personal Statement describing reasons and motivations for your profession
  • Goals Statement - list immediate and future goals you want to achieve as a teacher and citizen
Also, be sure to show evidence of:
  • Leadership Ability
  • Design Work
  • Organization Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Prioritization Skills
  • Technological Skills

Even if you take your job search portfolio to an interview and never use a piece of paper contained within it, you will still have a tremendous edge over other job candidates who have not taken the time to create such a tool. You know much more about your skills and abilities than they do. You are much better prepared for the interview. You are also far more confident than they will be because you KNOW what you are capable of doing.

There are two things to consider happening as a result of having this portfolio at the interview. One is that the employer might just ask you if you can leave the portfolio with him/her for a few days. Since you have read this article and are already prepared for such a situation, you can say "yes" without reservations because you have a duplicate portfolio already prepared at home. The second thing that might happen is that you might want to ask the employer if you can leave it with him/her for a couple of days in case he/she has any questions. If you want to, mention that you'll come by in a few days to pick it up.

When you do go back to the employer to pick up your job search portfolio, ask the employer if any additional questions came to mind or if a decision has been reached yet. Once again, you have put your face in front of the person who makes the decisions and that is a big benefit.

Here are some specific fields for which a portfolio of your qualifications might be most useful:

  • dental hygienist job search
  • medical sales job search
  • federal government job search
  • computer job search engine
  • construction job search
  • dentist job search
  • academic job search
  • aviation job search
  • human resource job search
  • accounting job search

Use your portfolio as you need to and let it back up your qualifications. Put it together well and use it wisely.

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