Panel Interview Tips and Insights

Are you looking for some panel interview tips to ace the next job interview?

A panel interview can definitely be among the most stressful interviews. They really do not have to be though. The panel wants to make sure that the right person is selected for the job. If you fit that criterion you will be received properly by the members of the panel. In a panel interview you will be facing several different people when you are interviewed and this can prove to be the source of quite a bit of stress.

Dealing with such an interview does not have to be miserably difficult. It should be something to look forward to. With the right panel interview tips in mind, you can do really well in the interview. The fact that you have been short listed for a face to face panel interview is a testimony to the fact that there are more than one people in the employer camp who believe you could be a potential employee to recruit. That puts you ahead of many who could not even make to the stage you are in. Thus, be calm, composed and happy about making the cut rather than worrying about facing a panel.

An interview is an interview whether it is conducted by one person or four people. The process serves the same goal. If you look at the broader picture and be honest to yourself and your interviewers then I don't see any reason for you being worried about the people in the panel. Remember the interviewers are all busy people who attach a good value to their time. The fact that they all come together for the interview shows they need you in the organization as much as you need the job.

Wondering about the dos and don'ts of panel interviews? Here are a few explained in details

Preparation is the key to success

As with any interview, always be prepared. You should perform adequate research on the company so that you are not blindsided by any questions which may arise when you are interviewed. If you are rattled by an interview, you may become nervous and end up really off your proverbial game. You don't want that if you are hoping to make a good impression during the interview.

Be audible and present a confident voice

Answer all questions asked of you clearly succinctly, and with clear annunciation. You cannot make a good impression on an interview if you do not speak clear or fail to articulate well. This is doubly true with panel interviews because you have to be understood by everyone that is part of the panel. Keep this in mind because you do not want only half the panel to hear you.

Expect a barrage of questions from different corners

Expect to be bombarded a little. Once again, you will be facing a panel so you do want to be well aware of the fact you may have to deal with more than one person talking to you at the same time. This is not always enjoyable but it may be an issue you got to live with when you are in such an interview.

Ask your questions

Have a few stock questions prepared so you can ask such questions to the people conducting the interview. This can often be among the most overlooked of all panel interview tips. That is unfortunate because it is a nice way of showing your interest in the company and the job.

Dress properly

Dress properly when you are attending any interview, a panel interview is no exception. Nothing makes a better impression than a well dressed, well prepared, and well spoken individual.

Importance of a thank you letter

If the interview went well, send a thank you letter to the person in charge of the panel. Consider this another one of those overlooked panel interview tips which could turn out to be a big help in the end.