Job Interview Tips for Pharma Sales Jobs

Pharma sales jobs are very intense and require a lot of physical and mental strength on part of the sales executive to pull it through.

Given the tough job profile it is apt that recruiters look for these kinds of skills in the candidates who have the aptitude and mindset to tackle the high pressure and dynamic sales environment in the Pharma marketing field.

If you aspire to become a Pharma Sales executive then you may want to prepare really well for your sales interview. Interviews for Pharma sales jobs are usually rigorous as they tend to test your smart thinking ability which is so very important for sales jobs. You must be aware of some of the tricky questions that are usually asked by recruiters to Pharma Sales aspirants.

For example if you are asked whether you are comfortable working in a team or individually you must be careful with your answer. This particular question is double edged sword and needs some real attention. Now let's look at the possible answers you could come up with and the pros and cons associated with each of them. We will also explore beyond the conventional answers to sort out the best for such a question.

Let's say that your answer is you would prefer working individually. The first conclusion any interviewer draws from the reply is that you find it difficult to work alongside other people and hence are not a good team player. Now honestly speaking that may not be true but that's what your answer conveys!

The other option at your disposal is that you could say you love to work with a team. In many of the industries this would be a big plus but not so in the Pharma industry. It conveys the message that you love to be a part of the team. But if you dig a little you will find the dirt...

Usually in Pharma sales an executive is required to hit the ground solo on most occasions. Thus that answer might work against you in that front. The interviewer might conclude that you do not have the requisite aptitude and attitude to take up the marketing job on your own.

So what do you do in such a case while attending interviews for Pharma Sales Jobs?

Well the answer lies beyond the conventional wisdom. Let's think a little more...

What if you say that you are equally comfortable in both the situations? You may go on to explain that when left alone you love to take the onus on yourself and meet your targets and deadlines. On the other hand while working with the team, the team man in you ensures that not only your personal goals and targets are but you take that extra little step of motivating and guiding other team members to bring out their best in order to meet the tough targets set for the team.

Hope you get this tip right and understand the importance of such questions in interviews for Pharma Sales jobs.