Phone Interview Tips

Simple yet effective phone interview tips that deliver.

At first mention of a phone interview, some might be more than a little happy at the notion because they might otherwise be a little concerned over a face to face meeting. While the issue of avoiding a somewhat unnerving in person interview can be a good thing, a phone interview can have complexities we do not immediately think of. Again, this is why it is so helpful to understand a few common tips which can boost your success on a phone interview.

Chose where you take the call from?

Among all that one could learn about phone interviews, the most important tip would be to make sure the interview is conducted in an environment that is conducive to the cause.

It may seem "hip"; to sail through your phone interview on the go in such environments as coffee shops or on the long train commute home. The problem here is that doing this is not hip. It is actually very ill advised.

You will need a secure environment that is quiet. You do not want distractions or other problems arising which could undermine your ability to have a quality phone interview. Make sure this is your prime rule as of all the phone interview tips it is the one that needs to be adhered to the most.

Helpful tips for a phone interview

Here are a few tips that can help you achieve the desired outcome in your phone interview

  • Be prepared for the interview. Do not make the mistake of assuming a phone interview is less serious than an in-person one. To do so is at your peril!

  • Among the more overlooked phone interview tips would be to practice speaking into a recorder and playing it back. This way, you can determine how you sound and will clearly show any areas in which you need to improve.

  • You will need to speak clearly and directly into the phone. You are not there in person with the individual that is interviewing you. That means your voice will have to carry effectively through the phone. The better you speak into the phone, the better you will be understood.

  • Be mindful of the fact that you will really need to listen to the tone of the voice of the person conducting the interview. Remember the old saying that 90% of communication is nonverbal. This is the truth and because of the fact that you cannot see the other person, you need to pay even closer attention to his/her voice. Try not to read too much into any minor voice inflections, but take note of major ones which might convey intentions.

  • Keep all your answers short and to the point unless it is absolutely necessary that you elaborate on an answer.

  • Smile when you talk. You will convey a positive attitude in your voice when you are smiling.

Taking care of these relatively trivial aspects of attending a phone interview will yield great results. Use one or more of the phone interview tips mentioned here and pave your way to success.