Proper Dress for Job Interviews

The proper dress for job interviews depends upon the type of job for which you are interviewing. In all cases, you should dress conservatively, especially if you aren't completely sure what the dress code at a particular employer is. There are ways to find out, of course, but sometimes, you are invited to an interview and not given much notice.

Dressing for job interviews can be tricky, so if you have time, do some research. Go to the office building and see what others are wearing. If that isn't convenient, call the company and simply ask what the standard business attire is. If you can't manage either of those two options, try the company website. Perhaps there is a section for employees or an employee handbook that addresses what to wear at work. You can use this as your job interview dress code.

If you are unable to make any of these options work for you, the proper dress for job interviews is shown below. This is a guideline for dressing for job interviews that can be a safe option for almost any situation. It doesn't matter if you are interviewing to be a disc jockey or a personal banker. This job interview dress code will work for you.

Remember that first impressions last long.

Also, know that what you wear will have a direct bearing on your attitude during the interview. You will feel more confident by dressing professionally for the job interview.

Let's have a closer look at all the job interview clothes that you should be having in your wardrobe before heading for a job interview.

Proper Dress for Job Interviews - Men


Long sleeve shirts look professional as compared to half sleeved ones. As far as color goes, stick to white or light blue. Make sure that the shirt color compliments that of the suit jacket, if you wear one.

Belt and Tie

A brown or black belt is best for a professional meeting. A simple tie that goes well with the shirt and suit you wear for the interview is best. Avoid ties with complex designs.

Shoes and socks

It's ideal to go for a pair of black shoes, neat and well polished. Sometimes brown shoes are good enough but black is best. When you dress for a job interview make sure that you use a clean pair of cotton socks. The color of the socks should be the same color or darker than your trousers.

Fancy Jewelry

It's fine to have a watch on your wrist. But as far as other accessories are concerned - don't.

Personal Hygiene

Do not forget about personal hygiene. Wear a neat and professional looking hairstyle and have a well shaved face and trimmed nails. Your teeth should sparkle.

A Portfolio or Briefcase

Organize all your necessary documents into a leather briefcase or portfolio and carry that to the interview. Do not hold your documents in your hand as that gives an unprofessional look. If you can't afford a briefcase/portfolio, borrow one or use a professional looking folder.

Hopefully, all of these tips will provide you with what you need to know to dress professionally for your next job interview. Everything you can do to make that face-to-face meeting a success is important and deserves proper attention. Make every effort to dress appropriately and you will feel better and perform better, too.

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