Earn extra cash by recommending the Job Interview Success System to your friends!

I'll pay you a commission of 75% for your referrals!

If you help me sell more of my Job Interview Success Systems, I'll show my appreciation by paying you a commission of 75% per sale!

But the only way I can track your referrals and ensure you get the commissions you deserve is if you sign up for my Affiliate Program, which is managed by ClickBank. Don't worry, it's totally free and very easy to do!

If you already know all about the Clickbank Affiliate program, here's the link to use when referring people to my System:


[NOTE: Substitute your Clickbank nickname for AFFILIATE.]

If you are not familiar with the Clickbank Affiliate Program, keep reading...

Please print this page so you can refer to it as you sign up for the Clickbank Affiliate Program.


Here's how to sign up so you can start earning commissions:


Go to the Clickbank site and sign up as an Affiliate. Don't forget, it's free. To get started, Click on this link and follow the instructions: Clickbank Affiliate Sign-Up.

Note the helpful tabs on that page, such as FAQ, Tools and Resources.

Complete the registration form.

Once your nickname is accepted, you will see your nickname and your issued password. There will also be a link to log in to your new account.

Type in your nickname and password to log in.

Go to the "My Account" tab and complete the registration form.

To receive your commission check from Clickbank, you must provide a SSN or Tax ID#. Don't worry, this IS a secure site and Clickbank only uses your SSN for Income Tax purposes.

When you're done, be sure to click the button at the bottom that says SAVE CHANGES.


That's it! Now you can start referring friends and earning extra cash!

Here's how to do that.

You create a special link to my Job Interview Success System sales page that includes your special Clickbank nickname.

It will look like this:


[NOTE: Substitute your Clickbank nickname for AFFILIATE.]

To make sure it works, type that link into your web browser, hit ENTER and see if you are taken to my sales page.

To earn credit for your referrals, you must use this special link.

Send an email to your friends about the Job Interview Success System, include your special link and tell them to click on it to visit the site.

Here's the cool part: When they click on your link and make a purchase, you will be credited with 75% of the purchase price! You'll make more on that sale than me!

Whenever you want to check to see how much money you have earned, simply login to your account and check your stats (here's the link):

ClickBank Login

One final note. Clickbank will hold about 10% of your money for the first 6 pay periods. This is in case someone who has purchased through your link requests a refund or has their credit card refused. This happens very rarely (and hopefully not at all with your friend)! During the 7th pay period, they will start giving you the 10% back.


Carla Bosteder

P.S. If you'd like an excellent FREE guide that provides step-by-step tips on how to earn big bucks as an affiliate, check this out (just click on the book):

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