Search Job Classifieds
Is this the best approach for you?

What is someone advised you to search job classifieds for your next job.

Are you wondering if it would be worth the time and effort? Let me help you with some ideas about classified ads and if it would be prudent enough a venture to use them as a source of opportunities for your next job.

What Are Classified Ads?

Classified advertising has been by far one of the most common advertising formats that you might have come across. No doubt you might have seen a few classified ads in the daily news paper and especially in the Sunday's supplement.

Classified Ads are not only limited to newspapers but they are also prevalent online and in periodicals. The major difference between a classified ad and a standard ad is that the structure of the classified ad allows an individual to advertise in personal capacity, unlike the standard ads which need corporate or high net worth individuals to shell out a fortune for a small ad space.

Classified Ads for Jobs

Now the million dollar question staring at us is whether or not it is a good idea to search job classifieds for your next job.

Let's look at it from the employer's perspective.

If there is a company like IBM who wants to advertise a vacancy and relevant information pertaining to that job, do you think it will advertise through classifieds? More often than not the answer would be No.

IBM would prefer hogging half the front page of the local news paper to advertise its campaign because that will attract eye balls and more importantly they have the financial might to do so. They might also use headhunters or advertise on their own web site.

So if you are on the lookout for a position with a multinational then the help wanted ads may not be the right place. However, there are at least a thousand smaller businesses for every big business like IBM. Where do these small folks go to advertise? They obviously do not have a huge budget to take up prime advertising real estate in the local daily. They will eventually turn to the job classified ad which will offer them much more favorable conditions.

Classified ads might not get these small companies a lot of exposure but they will get a good value for their money for the small advertising budget that they might have.

Therefore if you are looking for a computer technician's job then the advert of Mr. Smith's Computer Repair business in the classified section of your local daily might be your holy grail.

If you are looking for part time jobs then I would say search job classifieds often as you will find individuals in your area needing assistance with their chores advertising in that section of the newspaper.

Search Job Classifieds Online

I won't advise you to dash off to the newspaper to look for a job every time you need to. Going online is a much better option. Online search has its own advantages. You can search more efficiently by refining your search results which is a mess if you search in print media.

One of the most popular classified ads site is Craigslist. It can be a daunting task to find your way through this massive website, but once you are comfortable with it, you will be thankful for the number of opportunities that might come your way.

Search job classifieds if you are looking for local jobs in smaller companies or for individual employers. It is one place I would recommend for temporary or part time jobs.

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