Teen Jobs
What kind of jobs are best?

It is valuable for a teenager to have work experience at an early age. Teen jobs are usually available in the summer, when school is off for a longer period, giving teens the opportunity to earn money.

There are also other teen jobs that are available for part timers during schooldays. Studies have shown that those who have earlier experience in work, such as summer jobs and part time jobs as teenagers, have greater self-esteem, and job-related skills are polished, making it easier for them to find better jobs in the future.

What Kind of Jobs are good for Teenagers?

Before job-hunting, a teenager should consider what he wants to do and what he or she is capable of doing. Starting from this point, it will be easier look for a job that fits special interests or enhances skills.

A teenager may consider a job related to future career preferences, too.

  • A tutorial job if a teaching career is preferred in the future
  • A health care assistant for a health care professional career
  • Office staff or receptionist for office careers
  • Cashier or retail store assistants for future business related careers
  • An assistant to a professional in your chosen field
  • Lifeguard or swimming instructor
  • Counselor at a summer camp
  • Data entry writer or article writer
  • A zoo attendant, pet shop assistant, or dog walker
  • Library assistant

What skills do most teens have that would be helpful in a job?

Most teenagers are computer savvy. This skill is very helpful in a job because it allows work efficiency. Teenagers are also fast learners. Their minds are fresh and vibrant and are most willing to learn and adapt to new things and new environment. They are energetic and full-spirited which often times make their jobs done easily and in lesser time.

What jobs should a teenager avoid?

Teens should avoid jobs that do not excite them, though. If they take a job like this, then they won't enjoy it and probably won't do a great job. Teens should also avoid jobs that require them to have a long commute from home, too. Safety is important. Teens should also avoid jobs that are not age-appropriate. Certain teen jobs have more risks than others.

A teen job is one good experience that a teenager can hold as a foundation for his future. It's great to develop a hardworking attitude, independence, money and time management skills. These are only few of the important things a teen with a job will learn. Teen jobs offer experiences that will be rewarding in many ways.

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