Top Job Search Websites

Top Job Search Websites can be a lot more help than you can comprehend when it comes to finding a suitable job for yourself. With the advancements in technologies, most recruiters are turning towards job search websites and other web 2.0 properties to advertise openings in their organizations.

I thought it would be a good idea to compile a comprehensive list of some of the top job search websites and web 2.0 properties that are particularly helpful for job searchers, all in one place. This article is a result of all the research I did on the most popular and usable job search sites.

List of Best Job Sites

Here is the list of some of top job search websites I could dig out for you, arranged in no particular order.


Career builder is supposedly the largest job site out there on the internet. It boasts of 23 million unique visitors every single month and has about 300,000 employers advertising their human resource needs on the website. Career Builder has its wing spread across the globe. Through its associates in different countries and the powerful network for listings, Career Builder does a good job of putting together job requirements in any niche you might be in. The site may be accessed at


Beyond is by far the most comprehensive job search portal for niche markets. If you are in an obscure niche and looking out for a change then this might be the place to hunt for your new job. Check it out at


Hound is different and one of the most admired job sites. Its philosophy is simple, and that is to expose the jobs directly from employers to the prospective employee. No middlemen or recruiting agencies are allowed on this website. The benefit of this website is that it exhibits opportunities that are displayed on the employer's portal. These are the opportunities that usually get less of applications as they are not advertised on the regular job portals. Thus your chances of landing up with a job are better here. If you are looking for Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 jobs, then this is the place to look at. Have a quick look at for an idea about the service.


Indeed is another source of comprehensive job listings. The way Indeed functions is different from some of the other portals mentioned here. Indeed acts as an aggregator of job listings from various corporate websites, job portals and other online properties. Indeed can be accessed at

Execu Search

This is one specialized service for higher end executive jobs. The company is actively involved in screening the resumes it receives and then connects the potential candidates to the prospective employers. For more information on Execu Search please check out


Talk of the effectiveness of Web2.0 properties in today's job search market and this success story in the form of LinkedIn keeps coming up again and again. LinkedIn is a network of professionals who connect with each other and communicate directly. I have observed one trend among the HR executives in various organizations. Almost all of them are active in LinkedIn advertising the opportunities available in their respective companies. To create a profile in LinkedIn check out their website at


One of the oldest job search portals, Job Serve does a good job of advertising job opportunities across all the 15+ verticals it operates in. If the company is to be believed then it is the first job search portal on the internet.


Here's a job portal with a difference. This website is a non profit organization conceptualized by some of the most admired US corporations. Companies like Dell and IBM were responsible for setting up this website. It is a non for profit organization that is admired by job seekers and employers. The job site can be accessed at


Jobster is an example of social recruiting in action. They serve about 24 different verticals and are very much involved in the recruiting process of their customers.


This is a brand to reckon with in the job advertising arena. One of the most conspicuous names among recruiters and job seekers, Monster serves almost every imaginable industry vertical. All you have to do is create your profile in their website at and then upload your resume. Recruiters and prospective employers who browse through the Monster database will then contact you for meetings.

Those were some of the top job search websites that have been around since ages and have developed a unique brand of their own. They are renowned, have good variety of services and provide access to some of the leading organizations of the present day. Remember, too, that these are all free job search websites.

Hope you found this article helpful in your pursuit for a new job. If there is any other top job search website that you feel deserves a mention in this page then please feel free to contact me. I will review it and then post it here for fellow job seekers.

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