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Because online videos have become so popular, I thought I'd include some here. Some are educational, some are entertaining; hopefully, you'll agree that most are both!

(Please note that you might have to click on the video image twice for it to start playing.)

Title: The Origin of Job Interviews
Description: Funny sketch from a BBC show starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller about the first job interview.
Running Time: 1:39

Title: Why Does a Guerrilla Resume Work so Well?
Description: A Guerrilla Resume actually bypasses the brain's logical, verbal intelligence and goes straight for the "caveman" emotions, giving you an immediate edge over ordinary job seekers. Watch and see why.
Running Time: 02:40

Title: Vault Video's Guide to Interview Dos and Don'ts
Description: Helpful tips on how to ace your next interview. Good advice, nicely done.
Running time: 4:16

Title: Speaking Tips for Job Hunters
Description: Are you looking for a job? Do you need help in doing your best in a job interview? Then listen to TJ Walker's tips for getting remembered in your job interview.
Running time: 04:46

Title: Halloween Scary Job Interview
Description: Scary and Funny Job Interview Clip w/a Ghost, a Vampire, a Monster, the Devil. Funny Thing is that most interviews are this scary!
Running time: 02:05

Title: John's Interview at "Tech Plus"
Description: This is short and funny... but does convey an important message. Many employers will do an online search of your name. What will they find?
Running time: 0:35

Title: Job Interview Tips from Geoff Morgan
Description: In this series of video clips, Geoff Morgan of gives important job interview tips.

Video #1 Running time: 1:12

Video #2 Running time: 0:50

Video #3 Running time: 1:23

Video #4 Running time: 2:10

Title: Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Address
Description: Steve Jobs' commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. Though not about job interviews, it is a very enlightening and inspiring video I think you should watch. Steve explains how dropping out of college, getting fired (from the company he founded!), and being diagnosed with cancer were—incredibly—the best things that ever happened to him.
Running time: 14:33

Title: Interview Tips for Transitioning Military Personnel
Description: Interview advice from Mark Henderson, Colonel, US Army (retired). Interview tips and tactics mainly for transitioning military personnel, but most of his advice is applicable to anyone.
Running time: 9:15

Title: How to Prepare for an Interview
Description: Career Coach Scott Sargis shares his 20+ years experience on jobs, careers and labor issues on how to best prepare for an interview. This video covers his three-step exercise he calls COP (Copy, Organize, Practice).
Running time: 2:13

Title: The Best Way to Quit Your Job
Description: "This is how I quit my job at a car factory," says the creator of this video. It's fun to watch, but I don't recommend that you follow his example!
Running time: 2:41

Title: How to Write a Cover Letter
Description: This amusing video shares several excellent tips on how to write a cover letter for your resume.
Running time: 2:12

Title: The Story of Stuff
Description: This video is NOT related to job interviews or careers. I'm including it here because I feel its message is incredibly valuable to everyone. It just may change the way you look at all the STUFF in your life!
Running time: 21:19 (Long, but worth watching!)

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