Weird Jobs

Unusual Jobs That People Do For a Living

Have you ever wondered what could be the weird jobs that people do for a living? Well I wondered about this a couple of days ago while having a walk and then did some research to see what a list of weirdest jobs would look like and here I am to share my findings with you.

Some are real fun and others weird enough to make you...well you know what!

Equine Massage Therapist

This one isn't really weird, but it isn't exactly common, either. Massaging horses has been around for a long time, but being certified to massage horses is a more recent phenomenon.

Makeup Artist

I found this one on "Seeking makeup artist for funny/scary 10 short. Must be able to do exhaustion. Must be able to do awesome monster makeup. Prob including prosthetic. Need to turn beautiful girl into succubus demon."

Lignin Chemist

According to the job posting, "This position will be part of a team focused on the development of commercial lignin products based on woody biomass feedstock." The individual who accepts this position should have a background in cellulose chemistry.

Bounty Hunter

Like a repo man, this is a dangerous job that could get you killed. Someone who has paid bail to get out of jail and then skipped town is tracked down by a bounty hunter and brought back to jail. This person likely won't be cooperative.

Elephant Keeper II

Yes, this is also for real. You need to be located in Dallas, Texas. This job was available as recently as September 22, 2011. Here are some of the duties: Responsible for maintaining all aspects of daily animal husbandry, responsible for exhibit maintenance and observation, assists in veterinary procedures and research, and provides environmental enrichment.

You need to have 3 years elephant experience, be willing to work in all kinds of weather and have keen observation skills.

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