The Best Womens Plus Size Suits For Job Interviews

At job interviews, you always want to "dress to impress." In the following article (edited to reflect this site's audience), guest author Christy Diaz provides tips on how plus-size women can look their absolute best!

You've fine-tuned your resume and landed that exciting interview for the job of your dreams. Now, you need to figure out what plus size suit will make you look both fashionable and professional. There are many styles of plus-size suits from which you can select a sure-fire winner, but how about we narrow down the search to what will give you the right look for making a great impression.

The suit you choose depends on the job you want

When you begin searching through the racks of plus size suits, remember that the position for which you are interviewing should be taken into account. If you are hoping for a job in a creative field such as marketing, art, fashion, or graphic design, you will want to choose more colorful fabrics and trendy styles. Accountants, lawyers, and financial planners should stick to conservative colors, designs, and fabrics. If you are planning to work in a school, you'll select something entirely different than if you are planning to manage a trendy boutique.

Respect your body type

No two bodies are alike and you have to choose a suit style that complements your features. Here are some general guidelines that will help you select the best style for your figure. If you are top heavy, your best suit options will be single breasted with narrow lapels. Ample hips and thighs can look slimmer with a duster or fingertip-length coat. If you have a shapely waist, jackets with fitted waists can play up your curves without looking too suggestive for an interview. Tall, leggy women always look great in pantsuits.

How to select the right blouse

Once you have found the right interview suit, you will need to select a coordinating shell, blouse, or sweater to wear under the jacket. This is where you can add some pizzazz with a bright color or interesting pattern. Stay away from frills, lace, or ruffles though. The goal is to look streamlined and professional, not fussy or overtly sexy. As well, make sure that you are not showing cleavage. This is an absolute no-no for an interview.

Choose your accessories carefully

Like it or not, everything you wear during an interview will be considered by the prospective employer. Too much jewelry and makeup will give the wrong impression. Be sure to refine your look by selecting one tasteful piece of jewelry. Keep your makeup and hairstyle simple.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, and don't forget the most important thing that you can wear to any interview is a confident, friendly smile. With these tips you will be sure to get a job offer.

Chrisy Diaz is a fashion advisor for plus-size women. She has been helping women of all sizes look their absolute best while helping them find fantastic deals on plus-size clothing. For the hottest tips, secrets and additonal articles, not to mention some great plus-size deals, visit Plus Size Tips.

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