"The Best Career Strategies of 2010: How to Get Hired or Get Ahead, Even When the Economy is Getting Worse"

"What do you feel is the single most important career strategy people should use in 2010?"

Best Career Strategies

I asked that question of the top career experts. This excellent 74-page report is a compilation of their answers; many of which, I'm sure, will surprise you. It reveals 28 of the best career strategies you must use to GET HIRED and GET AHEAD in today's extremely challenging job market.

And it's FREE.

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"Why Pay for One Expert's Opinion When You Can Get Over Two Dozen For Free?"

Go to Amazon.Com, search for the words "career strategies," and you will find over 1500 books on the subject with prices ranging from $11.21 to $1,750. There is no shortage of advice and resources available, if you have the money to spend. However, the last thing I want to do in this time of economic uncertainty is to spend money needlessly.

One of perks of living in this century is the abundance of information that is available at our fingertips. Type almost any question into a search box and you can find the answer on the internet. Most often that answer can be had for the asking. No charge. For free. Don't be fooled into thinking you have to pay high dollars to get valuable information.

A perfect example of big value without a big price tag is a publication aptly named "The Best Career Strategies of 2010" compiled by Bonnie Lowe.

If you are facing the challenge of looking for a new job or want to be prepared, just in case, you could start looking for answers on Google or in a book store. Or, you can download this publication and save yourself both time and money. Lowe has done the leg work for you. She has collected over two dozen tactical approaches for making that impending career move, whether it is one of choice or not. Did I mention that Lowe is giving this book for FREE?

Contrary to the old axiom, this is certainly one case where you get much more that you pay for. I don’t know how she managed but her list of contributors reads like the who's who of career counselors.

Download your free copy of "The Best Career Strategies of 2010" and see for yourself.

Susan Young, editor and publisher of CheapLivingTips.com.

"I'll Have to Read It More than Once!"


Wow, this book is so full of great information that I'll have to read it more than once just to get 10% of the useful tips onto paper and put into action. I wish I had a bigger notebook when I started reading this!

As an entrepreneur, I found this book to be great for both job-seekers and for entrepreneurs. Seriously, there are tips for just about any person and any situation. I particularly like the stuff on appearance, networking, branding, social media/networking, and image.

I can't wait to share this with my network and I plan on putting it to use for myself immediately. This is cutting edge and modern, which is what the industry needs right now.

Excellent Work!

Nathan Hangen - Webrepreneur and Triathlete