Career Opportunity

Top Careers You Must Have a Look At

Have you been wondering what the hottest career opportunity that could possibly give you a fat paycheck and the satisfaction of doing something important and affecting people's lives?

I guess this is something what every job candidate would call a dream job. Well, sometimes it works out where you can do what you love and make money at it, too.

The first thing to focus on, though, is where the jobs ARE. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth through 2018 goes like this: "Projected employment growth is concentrated in the service-providing sector, continuing a long-term shift from the goods-producing sector of the economy. From 2008 to 2018, service-providing industries are projected to add 14.6 million jobs, or 96 percent of the increase in total employment. The 2 industry sectors expected to have the largest employment growth are professional and business services (4.2 million) and health care and social assistance (4.0 million)."

So, the jobs are going to be in service industries. Consider the aging population and what some of their needs are going to be. They are likely going to need financial advice, legal advice and medical care. Hmmmm. It's not too hard to figure out a way to help others and make money at the same time.

Lawyers and Legal Advisors

If you have any idea about the financial rewards and career opportunities that the industry of regulating and maintaining law has to offer you will know why this industry lands up here at the top spot in our hottest career opportunities list.

There is a big requirement for legal advisors in public sector jobs as well as private corporations. Every day folks need legal services and that is another way you could establish your practice if choose to do so.

You can get into the various specific stream associated with this profession for example there is opportunity for you to become a lawyer, consultant, mediator, paralegal or a judge. You could base your practice on corporate affairs, divorce related field or something else in an obscure niche and still make a good career out of it.

With so many people suing companies and individuals at the drop of a hat, there is a big need for competent professionals. If you feel you are qualified for a challenging career in this field, do some more research to find out what all is required and take the necessary steps to secure your future.

Medical Careers

Professional careers in the field of medicine are incredibly diverse in this industry. Medicine encompasses a host of career opportunities like being a doctor, nurse and other specialized support staff. There are numerous fields for you to master including hot fields like dentistry, dermatology, pharmacology, surgery and being a registered nurse (one of the hottest career opportunities in the States).

One of the major benefits of being in this field is that you get to serve people who are going through very difficult times in their life and being in such a position to offer your help is an amazingly humbling feeling. Do not underestimate the satisfaction you get - while also getting to earn a great living.

This is a career worth pursuing because this is an ideal combination of passion for serving, good pay and challenging career opportunity.

Career Opportunity in Education and Coaching

This is one of the hottest growing fields and markets. I am not talking of education in the conventional sense of being a teacher in a school or a lecturer in a college. Those are again some very good career opportunities in their own rights but then there is a whole new world to the teaching profession. People are often going into professional coaches or counselors who can help and guide others through their problems. For example think of expert gym instructors, life coaches, and professional counselling experts and there are a whole host of niches that are springing up with every passing day.

There is something that you are an expert at and there are people who need expert advice in the very field you are in. There is a world of opportunity out there for you if you are willing to explore and take action. This website is one such option. Professional coaching via a website allows me to help others while earning an income. If you think you have something to share with others, contact me. I can help you learn more.

Hope your grey cells are working overtime brewing up ideas for your future career from the career opportunity options we just mentioned. Just one word of caution and encouragement I have for you - do your research properly, you have got everything to make it big in you.