Interview Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Attire for Your Next Interview

Your interview dress conveys a message to the interviewer and you want the message conveyed to be portraying professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Your professional dress up will go a long way in making a positive first impression and trust me if this is done right remaining of your interview will become smooth and less stressful.

Your Desired Job Decides Your Interview Dress Code

This is certainly not a case of one style fits all. Your dress code is governed in a big way by the kind of job you aspire to be in. For example if you are trying to get into a creative position like those in the fields of art, graphic design and fashion you should choose trendy dresses with generous color combinations. This would relate to the industry in which you are trying to get a job. However if you are planning to apply for the position of a financial planner, lawyer or an accountant then wearing colorful and trendy dresses could not be more off the target. For such interviews you got to be in your formals with conservative colors, fabrics and designs.

Body Type: An Important Factor in Choosing Your Interview Dress

It is a well known fact that the body types vary widely. Since no two bodies look equal chances are you wearing an interview dress just because your friend got that, might not be a very good idea.

Look around and test various dresses that suit your body type before deciding on one to wear to the interview.

For starters wear narrow lapelled single breasted suits if you are top heavy. If you have fuller thighs and hips, you may make them look slimmer by wearing a duster. For a shapely waist, you might want to combine jacket with fitted waists to vaguely show up your curves without really being too suggestive about your curves. Pantsuits work very well for tall women with long legs.

How to select the right blouse

Choosing the right blouse to complement your dress is important. After finding and deciding on your perfect job interview suit you need to find a blouse or shell that complements the suit. Be creative with this aspect of your dressing but make sure you stay miles away from laces and frills.

You need to look streamlined and not overtly sexy. This is a job interview you are attending and not a date. Also make sure that there is no show of cleavage. That's something you should always avoid when getting ready for a job interview.

Choosing Accessories to Match your Dress

I am sure you understand there is a stark difference in dressing for a party and dressing for a professional meeting or job interview. While you might want to go for generous makeup to suit your party outfit, it becomes imperative that you keep your makeup minimalistic when it comes to professional meetings. Same is valid for the accessories. While dressing up for an interview chose a minimalistic look with your accessories. Chose something simple yet tasteful to go with your carefully chosen interview dress.

The only other thing that I must encourage you to wear when going for a professional employment interview is that lovely smile on your face.