Technical Writer Resume

A Guide to Writing that Perfect Resume!

A technical writer resume is one resume that must be perfect!

If you aspire to be a technical writer or are a technical writer looking forward to spruce up your resume then you must convey the message about your work ethics and quality of your work through an impeccable flawless resume.

As a tech writer you are expected to be fanatically obsessive about your expert writing qualities and attention to detail when comes to technical accuracy. Therefore you cannot really make an impact on employers looking to hire tech writers with a resume that is not fit to make it.

There are three major aspects of your resume that are used to assess your competency level by employers. Making sure that you come off with flying colors in these aspects will see to it that your resume does the job that it is supposed to do - get you the interview call.

Organization of Information and Accuracy of the Information Contained

Your resume is an extension of your writing skills and is considered to be a good sample by employers to assess your writing abilities. Therefore you must never ignore this aspect of your job. You must work towards organizing the data contained in your resume in a manner that it is crystal clear and smooth flowing for the reader. Also take care that the information you put in there is not just superficial but has a certain level of information that is accurate and provable.

Error-free Content

The biggest mistake you could ever make as a technical writer is to have typos and spelling mistakes in your technical writer resume. Can you imagine the kind of impact it would have on your prospects to land up a job if the employer observes that your resume contains a spelling error? Therefore double check your resume for any typos and spelling mistakes. Make it slick and professional to the best of your abilities.

Command over Professional Tools

As a technical content writer you will have to work with various professional tools while working on your projects. It is essential that you highlight your expertise in the industry acceptable tools in your technical writer resume.

Sometimes an employer might be using a technical writing tool that is different from that you have used so far in your career and have expertise in. In such a case to bag the offer you will have to give the confidence to the employer that you will be able to get up to speed with the new tool within a short span of time and deliver the goods. This can be done by providing some strong proof of your learning ability and adaptability in your technical writing resume.

Simply mentioning the tools though will not take you very far. You will have to talk about them in the right context.

Taking care of these three aspects in your technical writer resume will provide you a good chance of making the cut from among the many resumes that land up on your prospective employer's desk.

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