Interview Thank You Letters

Interview thank you letters are optional in some countries and mandatory in others. So whether you write a "Thank You Note" is not solely depends upon circumstances but to be on the safer side it is always a good idea to write it following your job interview.

Does that give you any credibility in the eyes of the hiring manager?

If surveys and data collated from employers are to be trusted then Thank you notes do add value to your credibility and status as a job candidate. This is what 15% of the hiring managers surveyed had to say about this topic.

"I would reject a candidate's application who did not have the courtesy of sending a thank you letter after the interview."

....Sounds scary, doesn't it?

Well I don't blame the hiring managers for this because I personally feel it is correct etiquette to follow up your job interview with a thank you note. Moreover, it will never hurt if you send a polite note whatever be the circumstances.

Basic Requirements of Thank You Notes
(to be sent following a job interview)

It's essential that you understand there is a difference between the professional thank you letter you should send following your interview and thank you note you should be sending to a friend along with a wedding gift.

Here are some points you must keep in mind while writing a professional job interview thank you note.

  • To the extent that you can, use letterhead paper to write your note. If you don't own any personalized stationary, then a nice linen notecard will do nicely. You may type the letter, write it by hand or send an email as long as you are sure the format will be well accepted by the recipient. Ensure the write up is legible and devoid of any grammatical mistakes or errors.
  • Thank you notes are best sent within 24 hours of the job interview. If you can, send them the same day as the job interview.
  • Your note should be an combination of a friendly and a professional attitude.

How to Structure Your Thank You Letter

Here are some ideas about structuring your letter.

  • The letter should look like a business letter with your address along with that of the recipient and the date.
  • Be careful while addressing the recipient. This is more of a cultural thing but I would always suggest being on the safer side by addressing...
  • Dear Mr. Wells .....instead of saying 'Hi Mike'
  • Always start by appreciating the recipient taking time out for the interview. A simple thank you will do the job.
  • If you have some specific aspect of the interview that you believe will help you, mention that as well as show your gratitude for their consideration.
  • A thank you note can double up as a follow up message where in you could let the interviewer know if you hope to hear something from them or vice versa. If you do this, ensure that you are very particular about the dates.
  • As a thumb rule, I always end a job interview thank you note with "Yours Sincerely".

That is a safe phrase to end your thank you note with. Hopefully you have got enough information to guide your thank you letter.